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Company name:Zhoushan Hesheng Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Address:No. 11 Dacheng Balu,Zhoushan Economic Development Zone, Zhoushan,Zhejiang,China
Contact:Mr. Simon Huang and Ms Wang
Telephone:+61-430227341 (Australia), +86-580-8075232 (China)
The current position:Ministry of automotive parts

  This product is made ??of high quality cold heading steel forming a cold heading, thread three rolling, compared with the traditional turning thread strength, high precision, low roughness. Surface in the use of zinc-nickel alloy plating process after special treatment, to reduce the friction coefficient and having a high corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction characteristics. Common thread M10X1.0, M12X1.0 installed in the vehicle brake lines. In order to meet the requirements of customers zero defect product quality, the company has strict process control, using optical screening instrument for full-size test and meet customer requirements on product quality zero defect. This product has been used for domestic variety of cars.


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