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Company name:Zhoushan Hesheng Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Address:No. 11 Dacheng Balu,Zhoushan Economic Development Zone, Zhoushan,Zhejiang,China
Contact:Mr. Simon Huang and Ms Wang
Telephone:+61-430227341 (Australia), +86-580-8075232 (China)
The current position:Rivet nut riveting tool


Hydraulic rivet nut gun technology parameters:

Scope of work The Riveter M3-M12 6 # -1/2UNC rivet nuts
Air supply pressure 5-7MPa
Rivet trip 7MM
Working tension >700KN
Motor speed 2000RPM
Noise >75dB
Weight 2.2Kg
Volume 280X250X115

Note: Standard configuration Metric M3-M12 is a total of six sets of accessories, the American thread Rivet optional accessories for customers.

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