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Comment on Japan and South Korea Taiwan fastener industry experience in the development and promotion of
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China fastener enterprises more urgent by standardizing and continuously push forward the development of enterprises, accustomed to the standard to measure its own development, with the rapid transformation of the mode of economic development in the fastener industry, enterprises have to consider to make products that do meticulous precision, enhance scientific and technological content, change the original extensive production mode. In the near future, we will feel the benefits of the standard unparalleled. This is what we want to promote the use of standard products, a high degree of commonality of purpose.
Fastener industry in total industrial production value in 2011 has been $ 148 billion over the same period compared to an increase of 9.7%. The Longwan fasteners industrial output growth of 12% over the same period last year. 213 scale enterprises, the annual output value of over 10 billion yuan, accounting for more than 50% of the entire industry output in the industry. Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, for example, Customs statistics show that last year, demand in foreign markets to Wenzhou fastener manufacturers increased trade orders, the first three quarters, Wenzhou steel or copper exports fasteners 11,168 tons, the export value of $ 24,520,000 .
And we can also see the fastener industry in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and other developed countries and regions, the rapid rise in just 20 years time and incredible, and want to be able to find the answers, we can hardly imagine The answer is what they are accustomed to the use of standards. The technical standard is the standard set of technical matters that need to be negotiated in the field of standardization unified execution issued by the national (or international organizations). It is understood that more than 2,000 of the world's existing types of fasteners standard items, there are more than 400 of China's fastener standards.
Technical standards are divided into basic technical conditions, structural elements, mechanical properties, products, technology, testing, test methods, etc., which has become the link between science and technology into productive forces, is an important foundation for product socialization, intensive, and is used to commerce and acceptance of arbitration. China's fastener industry standard products are still in a low, small, scattered state, not many well-known brands. To Wenzhou, for example, the fastener industry in the city plan to set up a financial guarantee company to solve the industry enterprise financing difficult, and start and establish Wenzhou fastener to fill industry statistics blank. Wenzhou fastener industry development in a gradual tightening of macroeconomic environment is getting better and better product structure with the change in the industry demand in the high-end product market share is increasing upward, corporate brand quality.


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