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Fastener product innovation industry complete
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Fastener products in the exhibition are the main products of small and medium size, around the product, complete the ancillary services of the type of industrial door; fasteners reflect the industry division of work each play to the strengths of modern industrial development mode; Exhibition the fasteners of small products, see new small, large Seeing Seeing different phenomenon, strongly suggests fasteners in China is speeding up product upgrades, business transformation pace.
1. Specialty bars, the sudden emergence of non-standard parts
Our fastener After two decades of high-speed development, fastener manufacturing technology is a general increase in the ordinary standard parts manufacturing technology is no longer troubled by the problems of enterprises, enterprises proceed from the difficulty and technical content to fine specialty rod bolts direction, a few years ago, the aspect ratio of the general corporate screw has been hovering in the range of 10 to 1 to 20 to 1. Aspect ratio breakthrough and beyond see in this exhibition, the aspect ratio beyond 30 times, reaching more than 40 times.
It is understood that the M8 screw, screw length value has reached 360mm, aspect ratio reached 45 to 1, far beyond the slender rod boundaries than 30 times, to show the elegance of the fastener enterprise technical innovation and development. These the slender rod bolts, cold heading, thread rolling, heat treatment, surface treatment, each link will bring some difficulties to the product manufacturing process, bending deformation is inevitable, but industry peers continue to climb, to overcome difficulties, show fastener industry for climbing peak style; the rod length screws booth in the exhibition more than the same time, shows that the continuous improvement of the overall level of technology in the fastener industry.
The development and expansion of shaped pieces
The shaped pieces always been the fasteners business development objectives, under the premise of fierce market competition, the only innovation divergent is the enterprise survival and development direction. Various shaped pieces of the current exhibition in Chengdu has new developments and breakthroughs: the the nut class of parts to the multi-functional, the direction of the ladder-type tubular parts development products have presented various forms of variability, show a different style, enriched the big nut product family).
Bolt products initially formed to cold heading, and then combined with cutting, to enhance the functionality of the product; bolt main pieces, together with the auxiliary parts become functional assembly, use, enhance attached to the value of the product.
Fastener products is moving thread connecting composite parts, a combination of functional parts, metal fittings direction of expansion, product features, upgrade the fasteners the connotation and technology content; fastener products to automotive accessories, household appliances, hardware, functional trim into the field, so that ordinary fasteners toward the assembly, functional pieces, decorative pieces direction to expand the field of vision and meaning of fasteners, fastener industry product transformation concept pioneering goals and direction.
Fasteners functional improvement, increased technical content, not only to meet the increasing domestic demand, foreign businessmen to pour in, increase product orders, the boom of the increase for the fastener industry.
3. Fasteners series supporting Jackie Chan
In addition to pioneering the development of fastener products, the exhibition's other characteristics, related facilities and products to keep up at the same time supporting Jackie Chan, service areas, which have contributed to the development of the fastener industry.


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