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China's fastener industry needs to play a new advantage to achieve sustainable development
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The machinery industry is the largest industrial sector in China. 2011 China's machinery industry realized a total industrial output value of 16.89 trillion yuan.
At present, China's construction machinery sales and sales both surpassed the United States, Japan, Germany ranked first in the world; self-sufficiency rate of China's construction machinery increased to 80% from about 70% of the 15 periods, gradually realized from manufacturing to create the cross. Including loaders, excavators, truck cranes, road rollers, forklifts, bulldozers, concrete machinery, such as a large number of engineering machinery products output ranks first in the world, China has become a real world engineering machinery manufacturing country. The rapid development of the machinery industry and the large size of the market, provides a broad space for development for the fastener industry.
The machinery industry is one of the main user of fasteners. Understanding of the basic pieces of machinery in the Machinery Industry late, long-term lack of investment, resulting in the industry as a whole is poor, weak economic foundation, the strength of the weak. Especially with the Chinese host raising the level of basic pieces of machinery behind the host bottlenecks become increasingly apparent.
International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui pointed out that in recent years, although the fastener industry in the introduction of technology, technological innovation, research and development, the state gave some support, but with the current market demand and the level of foreign phase than that, there is still not a small gap, specifically in: less product variety, low-level, quality of instability, early failure rate, poor reliability.
Fastener machinery industry of basic items, the development of the machinery industry put forward higher requirements for fastener products. Luo Baihui that the domestic ordinary standard fasteners have been an oversupply, and the shortage of high-grade fasteners, but also rely on imports. High-strength fasteners with raising the level of national industrialization and technological progress, the usage is gradually increased.
It is understood that the population will reach six million units during the second five loaders, excavators, rollers and other construction machinery products, annual sales of about 50,000 units. Based on estimates, the annual demand for high-strength fasteners about 20000-30000 tons.
The basis of the fastener industry, represented by the piece, not only is an important foundation of the basic industry of China's equipment manufacturing industry, but also in all areas of the national economic construction. Luo Hui pointed out that in the 12th Five-Year period, the industry, while maintaining some of the cost advantages, must rely on the new advantage of technological advances to improve the quality and cost-effective products to achieve sustainable development.


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