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Fasteners rising raw materials technical input expenses rose
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Fasteners and other infrastructure components of excess production capacity and raw materials skyrocketing, will come head fasteners and other basic parts industry. Everyone said capacity refers to the common standard parts (less than 8.8 fasteners) to restrictive development. Recalling the history of fasteners and other basic parts industry found a regularity phenomenon whenever the market 旺銷, followed by an inevitable product saturation, followed by the macro-control and compression, followed by a short supply, the manufacturers again on large capacity, so the product again saturated, so the cycle fastener industry for nearly 20 years, is so over.
Is not difficult to see, different situation, different enterprises also significantly less than the current capacity of the enterprise product right path, the product is not accepted corporate capacity is indeed manifested as surplus. With an internal, product demand, product sales are sluggish. Therefore, can not be generalized problem of fasteners such as the capacity of the infrastructure components the general overcapacity or excess biased, survival of the fittest, innovation, and a sign of the healthy development of the industry.
Overcapacity, product saturation accompanied by cold heading steel wire rod continued to rise, in fact, the raw material towards the impact of the international environment, since 2004, global iron ore prices step by step rise in iron ore prices soared 71.5% in 2005 , is still expected to rise 10% this year, now commonly used cold heading steel swrch35k ??of up to 3900 to 4400 per ton, 45 # carbon steel up to 3400 to 3800 per tonne last month rose from 500 to 800 per tonne.
Analysis of recent steady trend of raw material prices main reasons: First, the to control steel industry production capacity so that the relationship between supply and demand is easing, the countries to strengthen macro-control of the iron and steel industry, the steel market rank development. Second, the decline in steel imports and exports increase, is conducive to price stabilization. Again, market confidence has been restored, operators and production customers are optimistic about the market demand, and dare to procurement and Jiancang.
Fasteners and other basic parts industry is dependent on the raw materials industry, rising raw materials will naturally increase the cost of production of fasteners. In the current situation, fasteners and other basic parts manufacturers should be timely adjustment of product structure, to control the scale of investment, compressed non-productive expenditure, which undoubtedly is a positive sense.
In addition, fasteners and other basic parts industry in order to save material expenses, you have to put into the technology, with good technique can also open up wider market resources.


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